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Transformational Hypnotherapy

"Hypnosis works...the mind can heal"


‘Informal’ hypnosis has been experienced by everyone; it occurs daily at random periods when the mind needs to unwind, particularly prior to sleep and upon waking.

‘Formal’ hypnosis is the state of profound inner awareness brought about through guided induction by an waterfallexperienced hypnotherapist to achieve deep levels of relaxation; alpha-theta levels.

The ‘best’ subject is receptive and subconsciously willing to experience hypnosis as an aid to releasing stubborn habit patterns and behaviors that have not been successfully dealt with in the past.

During a hypnosis session, one’s senses are heightened, the subject is fully aware and in control of his/her mind and body, and responds only according to his/her comfort level.

The state of hypnosis feels like one is experiencing two different worlds at the same time, i.e.; like being emotionally absorbed in a book or movie drama while still being fully aware of the chair you are sitting on and any activity occurring in the room around you.

Under hypnosis the subconscious mind accepts positive guidance and suggestion, bypassing the critical mind, which judges incoming suggestions and whether we are capable of change or not.

Hypnosis reveals the underlying emotional triggers that support undesirable habit patterns and behaviors which interfere with one's concept of success.

A light to moderate trance level is effective for most hypnosis work.


Transformational Hypnotherapy is an empowering process that...

  • Acknowledges the Higher Self wisdom within each person to act as the ‘inner physician’ which knows the source of the problem and how to solve it.
  • Utilizes age regression and when necessary, past life regression, to direct the healing process. Life is like a play...regression directs the subject back in time, revealing the significant "characters" and events that have generated a pattern of negative or distressing emotional imprints in the current life experience.
  • Examines these cumulative events through the wisdom and unconditional love of the Spiritual Self. Understanding and forgiveness releases one from the negative charges of emotion that no longer serve the individual.
  • Reframes earlier events retaining the wisdom and important lessons surrounding each life experience while removing the painful "sting" from these memories.
  • Creates profound changes when deep emotional release work is designated, healing the past and present, positively impacting one's present outlook and future experiences.

Transformational Hypnosis has successfully aided in the positive management and reduction of virtually all symptoms/conditions affecting one's physical being, emotional-mental state, and spiritual well-being.

Many applications of hypnosis include:

• Stress Conditions
• Pain Control
• Depression
• Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Inner Child Healing
• Learning Problems/ADD
• Skill Performance/Self-Improvement

• Fears/Phobias
• Addictive/Obsessive Behavior (such as excessive
   eating, gambling, smoking, spending, etc.)
• Healing emotional pain distress or trauma
   associated with codependency and dysfunctional

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis! The individual seeking hypnosis for change must be "open" and willing to accept responsibility for improvement in their life.

"Step Into the Light of your Own Soul"

Now is the time to move into the light of our own truth and express ourselves more joyfully and honestly on this planet! Our very survival depends on it! In light of all the healing that is going on, sometimes recognizing the patterns of dysfunction on a conscious level is not enough! Over the last 16 years as a practicing advanced hypnotherapist, I have seen many clients who are educated about their 'issues' but they continue to 're-act' emotionally to new experiences and relationships in the old pattern.

Moving to deeper levels of awareness through hypnotic trance permits us to re-experience the source of our emotional baggage so it can be released. It makes no difference whether one desires to lose weight, conquer a fear of water, or release the pain from a traumatic childhood or difficult marriage.

True healing occurs through clearing the emotional body of 'stuck points' that no longer serve us. Once we are free of the control of the emotional body we can make wiser choices and improve our lives.
Transformational Hypnotherapy incorporates both age and past life regression and helps us understand the choices we have made for our soul's growth. There are no wrong turns! Deeper levels of well-being are experienced when the Higher Mind (Spiritual Self) interacts with the subconscious mind bringing forth the light of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.


Past life therapy is a useful tool for understanding the reason we have intense karmic entanglements with others. It also serves to let us explore pleasant associations or fascinations we have with other geographical places, time zones, and cultures. Each past life experience opens the doorway for self-discovery and growth, allowing us to view a greater portion of our own hologram. We are truly multidimensional beings!!  Whether one chooses to embrace the theory of past lives or not is immaterial. The mind is a phenomenal bio-computer that generates visual metaphors to help us understand our life and circumstances. It is a tool to achieve healing results.

Carol is an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists since 1993. She is available for both private sessions in her home and remote /distance healing hypnosis sessions with a spiritual healing link up. Her current session rate is $175 for a comprehensive 2 hour session. Should a session extend beyond this time due to the complexity of the case, a fee of $1.67 per minute or $25 additional per quarter hour, is applied.

*Transformational Hypnotherapy engages the Higher Self wisdom within each person to act as the 'inner physician' which knows the source of the problem and how to direct the healing process. The 'wiser mind' then chooses new healthy behavior/responses that empower the client and honor the inner child.

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