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Promoting Excellence in Reiki Training and Energy Healing Work Since 1993"

"...Offering Healing Opportunities for People, the Animals they Love, and the Planet."


A Method of Spiritual Energy Transfer...Activating Personal Transformation, Self-Empowerment and Global Awareness…Balancing and Healing People, and the Planet, One Soul at a Time."

CAROL SWANSON, M.A. -  Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Magnified Healing Instructor


  • Reiki is the flow of Universal energy through various chakras of the body for the purpose of health and balance.
  • The history of Reiki is ancient and associated with the miraculous healings conducted by Buddha and Jesus the Christ.
  • Reiki is not a religion. It does however, open one to their own spiritual nature.
  • A series of "attunements" at varioius levels opens one to a greater flow of this spiritual energy for self-healing and healing of others.
  • Usui Reiki is an ancient system that works " wholistically" treating mind, body, and spiritual aspects of the individual.
  • Reiki treats the cause of an illness, disease or condition rather than just the symptoms.
  • The Divine Intelligence of Reiki adjusts to each individual's needs creating a customized healing session.
  • Reiki can identify and treat painful blocked areas in our children, pets, and rescue horses releasing emotional trauma as well.
  • Reiki can energize plants and even enhance the life force energy in our food.


  • People who have experienced Reiki report a warm, loving energy wherever it is applied. A session can be experienced sitting up or lying down while wearing loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Reiki creates a deeply profound state of relaxation which releases the blocked energy within and around the body for accelerated healing.
  • "Open-minded" individuals who have worked with this spiritual energy have experienced small miracles...the dissolving of a breast tumor, the elimination of carpal tunnel syndrome, the rapid recovery of a loved one after surgery, etc...within hours after Reiki has been applied or sent.
  • The Reiki attunements open each individual to a greater connection with their Soul essence. This has been experienced as an increased awareness and appreciation of the Oneness of All Life, awareness of spiritual guidance and enhanced intuition, increased creativity, as well as an acceleration of one's path, purpose, and direction in life.
  • Reiki is the next step to increasing your "light quotient," releasing obstacles and fears, and moving gloriously forward in your life.
  • Reiki is a richly rewarding path...a profound gateway that offers peace and prosperity on all levels.
  • Distance Healing is powerful and extremely effective for any condition, acute or chronic, as well as upcoming or recent surgery.


Carol is a clairvoyant, clairsentient healing channel, medium, and medical intuitive. As an instructor of Usui Reiki, and pranic healing techniques, she offers a practicum for Reiki students who desire comprehensive preparation for the instructor level. She introduces emotional release techniques, spirit releasement, and past life concepts that address core issues which frequently surface in one's practice.

Carol has sponsored monthly Reiki Gatherings since 1993 for individuals of Reiki lineage seeking to increase their healing skills and exchange sessions. She further offers a one half hour introductory class on the nature of Reiki healing and its benefits monthly.

Carol offers Reiki classes at all levels in both group settings and on an individual basis by appointment. She also offers an advanced Reiki intensive class, "Reading the Body Dynamic," which further one's ability to interpret blocks and emotional/core issues within the client. It is experiential in nature.


  • Begins with the application of specific vibrational sprays onto various chakras (identified via dowsing) that targets the client's core issues that need healing
  • Includes an audio tape of the session which includes a reading of the emotional and physical energy blocks present
  • Offers the processing and release of most negative emotional imprints that surface through transformational healing techniques 
  • Flower essences, stones,  and other vibrational remedies may be recommended to help the client 'hold the healing.' 
  • Healing treatment of pets and large animals is adapted specifically to their needs on a case by case basis and by donation only.

A reiki session is approximately 1 hr. 15 minutes and the current rate is $70. A tape is provided of your session.

Carol charges $45 for distance healing. Carol broadcasts the healing energy for as long as the client draws it into their energy system in one sitting.

Carol also conducts distance Inner Child Healing, a powerful and deeply intensive energy healing method, that releases past emotional blocks interfering with the individual's present life.

Carol is a pain management consultant; an intuitive reading and medical scan can be made for your pet or large animal from a distance and information conveyed in a phone session. Carol charges $25 for a medical/intuitive scan. Distance healing can then be conducted for a donation*; or on site. There is a fee to cover travel expenses.

Carol can provide a general reading about your pet especially with regard to behavioral/emotional issues for the same rates as people (see Readings)

*The Wisconsin legislature has voted, as a result of veterinarian lobbyists, to not recognize reiki as a viable healing system/professional service to animals. Therefore, I cannot legally charge for this service and operate on a donation basis only.


To become a Reiki channel for healing energy, one can be attuned to one or more progressive levels of the Reiki ray by a Reiki Master Teacher. Each level affords greater self-growth and empowerment, only requiring the individual to use it ethically. The completion of each class brings change, releasing old patterns and promoting wholeness.

In Reiki I class, the student participates in a guided meditation which prepares him/her to receive the Reiki I attunement. This procedure involves the transfer of spiritual energy via symbols at various chakra centers; the crown, third eye, throat, and heart which opens one to the Reiki ray. It starts a 21 day cleansing aimed at clearing any vibration of a denser nature out of the physical system. Introduction of the chakra system, energy healing theory and application are covered and ethics are discussed. Table work is introduced and time is allotted to practice the Reiki energy techniques. As with all reiki levels, Reiki I is experiential in nature and unique in it's effect upon each individual. Upon completion of 5.5 hrs of instruction the Reiki I practitioner certificate is awarded. Group instruction can extend to 6.5 - 7 hours.   Cost: $150.

Reiki II class involves a significant attunement building upon the first which further opens one to the Universal ray. Another 21 day cleansing cycle of the 7 chakras begins, bringing forth unresolved emotional and mental core issues from this lifetime or any other. Five new symbols used for healing are introduced; amplification symbol, heart healing symbol, the long distance healing symbol, an emotional-mental healing symbol, and a symbol to address past-life and inter-dimensional issues. Long distance (remote) Reiki energy healing is taught. Table work and healing techniques using the symbols are covered. Upon completion of 5.5 hrs. of instruction the Reiki II practitioner certificate is awarded. Group instruction can extend to 6.5 -7 hours. Cost $150.

Reiki III class provides a final high-level attunement that completely opens one to the full Reiki ray. The 21 day chakra cleansing period begins. "Breath of the Dragon" is introduced including new symbols which further refine the energy flow from the higher dimensions. This Reiki III class is linked with much fulfillment and growth as well as having a special blessing of its own. Students participate in the "water ceremony" whereby water is energized by the breath of life. Table work includes the use of all symbols given to date and to further one's healing style. A Reiki III practitioner certificate is awarded upon completion of 5.5 hours. Group instruction can extend to 6.5 to 7 hrs.  Cost $150.

Reiki Master Teacher class/training and certification is available for those who desire to empower others with the complete Usui system of holistic healing and spiritual growth. This Master Teacher class offers greater growth and responsibility for the practitioner to offer this training with integrity, grace, and humility. Certificate of Reiki Master Teacher is awarded upon completion of 5.5 hrs. of instruction. Group instruction can extend to 6.5-7 hours.  Cost:  $200.

Recommended texts for reference include: Empowerment Through Reiki, Paula Horan $15.95, and Heal Your Body, Louise Hay $7.95.

Dowsing with the Pendulum for Spirit Releasement and Spiritual Healing of Self and Others is a required course between Reiki II and Reiki III
This class involves the application of one's intuitive ability to dowsing skills developed in the class to scan the etheric field, Students learn and understand the nature of blocks that are not a natural part of our energy system and how they create negative emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual distress that can lead to disease. Techniques are covered to release these spiritual entities for self and others. Ethics are covered in regard to spiritual laws. Spiritual healing is conducted (distance healing) via the pendulum. Primarily this class is to help the practitioner discern his/her own fine levels of energy, detect the need to clear self, others, an environment, house, land clearing, etc. and successfully restore to harmonious balance said energy systems. This is a powerful class that will serve anyone in need of conserving and protecting their energy system amidst the sea of dense energy systems around us. 5.5 Hours of instruction for completion of this class.  Cost $75.00

Carol offers instruction in the trademarked system, angelic (high frequency vibration) healing energy known as Magnified Healing. This healing modality, under the auspices of Lady Master Kuan Yin, when practiced daily lifts the density of present and past karma(limitations and lack of love to everyone and everything). Magnified Healing practice cycles the Highest White Light energy from the God Most High of the Universe down into your field and heart, down to the Earth and back up in a continuous loop of Grace. It raises one's vibration toward ascension. Personal and planetary healing, distance healing and transplants. See Spiritual Classes for further info.

View schedule of current classes here.

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