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Carol's Background

Carol Swanson, M.A., is a clairvoyant, clairsentient healing channel, medium and medical intuitive. She began as a proficient reader of Egyptian Cartouche symbols (Murray Hope) and channels this Egyptian signature into her personal readings. A professional reader for 20 years, she is known for getting to the "heart of the matter" when asked about life's many challenges.

Carol knows firsthand, with 17 years of transformational energy healing experience, that long-standing emotional issues and rigid "tribal beliefs" (family/tribe/religious beliefs) create the foundation soul housefor illness and disease in the physical body. Even so-called "accidents" are attracted into one's experience when denial exists in the person's reality. The prescription for true healing comes only when one's spirit is ready to honor their emotional needs, identify what is not working in their life, and be open for change.

As a medical intuitive, Carol brings her heart-centered soul gifts into each reading. Her 'deep seeing' ability allows her to read very fine levels of energy within the body, chakra system, and auric field of her clients. Carol can detect problematic conditions in the body far in advance of the client's awareness, helping them to avert potentially advanced diagnosis. In addition to her inner sight, Carol can also feel emotions in her hands and the associated pattern for certain conditions such as, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, or chronic fibromyalgia, even cause of death when reading about a deceased loved one.

In a medical intuitive reading, Carol targets the co-factors contributing to the primary complaint and related emotional issues supporting the existing condition. She discusses the underlying core issues with the client and details positive steps to confront the current physical/emotional challenges in new ways. Carol suggests the use of reiki, hypnosis, positive affirmations, customized flower essences, stones, and vibrational sprays containing essential oils and gems...all known as vibrational remedies.

In addition to addressing health issues, Carol's readings include everyday issues, past lives, spirit guides, master teachers/ascended masters, pet/animal communication/medical intuition, and deceased loved ones/pets. She conducts spirit releasement when energetic clearing is necessary. Carol clarifies the spiritual lesson behind problematic circumstances and offers Higher Self wisdom to help one navigate through their current challenges. She guides each individual toward "lighter" choices that offer more joy, unconditional love, wellness and spiritual growth as suggested by their Soul.  

Carol's career in the teaching/healing arts began 30 years ago (1979), as a speech/language pathologist in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (USA). In 1987, the Harmonic Convergence and the raw beauty of Wisconsin prompted her spiritual awakening. Over time, 'spirit' re-directed her professional skills to holistic healing methods. This led to a progression of certifications in the area of advanced hypnosis, instructor and practitioner of both Usui Reiki and Magnified Healing* energy systems. Carol conducts Transformational Hypnosis, encompassing age and past life regression, to source, release, and heal core issues with the guidance of the Higher mind. As a master dowser, she teaches others the art of dowsing with the pendulum to monitor health, develop intuition, and conduct spirit releasement and healing. Carol incorporates vibrational medicines into her practice; flower essences, oils, stones, and creates customized FES flower remedies for people and their pets. She is a dedicated holistic healer and teacher offering various specialty classes and lecturing frequently in the Madison, WI area on spiritual growth topics. Carol has volunteered medical/intuitive readings and energy healing/emotional release work at various horse rescue farms to assist traumatized horses in their journey to wellness.

*Magnified Healing is a trademarked healing system

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