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Spirit Releasement


It has been Carol's experience, as a result of working with very fine levels of energy daily for over 20 years that entity interference can and does occur within energy systems.

The average person generally is unaware of entity or spirit attachment and functions day-to-day having no awareness of the effect it has upon one's own energy system. Symptoms can include (but are not limited to) sudden physical pain anywhere in the body, limited range of movement of a limb occurring without reason or benefit of a recent injury, mental cloudiness and that ‘inside a plastic bag feeling', depression, unusual anger/irritated mood or altered psyche and perceptions, and preferences for certain foods, noticeable addictions, or other interests not like your own, can occur.

Massage therapists, and energy practitioners of reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc., sooner or later experience 'taking on' energies that are not 'their own'. They are generally sensitive to how their own body energy feels when clear and balanced and can sense when they're 'off.'  They may be aware of techniques to clear themselves.

However, traditional caregivers aren't aware and lack tools to clear themselves. For example, emergency room nurses/paramedics, social workers, and fact, anyone working in a high stress angelenvironment, especially with the public in a transitional or caregiving capacity assume that the aches and pains they feel are just a part of the daily stress of their job. In reality, many of these cases can be attributed to entity attachments. Clearly, it is difficult to function at one's optimum energy level in the presence of entity attachment.

When the aura is weakened through stress, poor diet. lack of sleep, extreme emotional events (death of a loved one, divorce, sudden bad news) it is not uncommon for entity attachments to occur. Breaks occur in the aura which makes one susceptible to spirit attachments. One may also, unknowingly, pick up an astral entity as one travels back through the dense astral plane to their sleeping body.  In rare cases, one may be a target under direct psychic attack from another possessed individual having negative intentions toward them and this requires special handling. Whatever the case, entity attachments occur (stuff happens!) and it is important to detect and remove them for optimum health and balance.

Anyone or any thing that has an energy system can experience attachments. Children and pets are also susceptible to this form of possession.  Behaviorally children act out, appear upset and angry, or become different in their personality patterns and often complain of headaches or other neck pain, etc. Their sleep patterns may be very disrupted as well. Pets can appear lethargic and ill or irritable and non-social...even mean to other pets in the household. The remedy is to scan the subject for entity interference and conduct a spirit releasement where appropriate. For general purposes, Carol scans all of her clients to make sure they are clear in their own energy field prior to any reading or healing work conducted. This insures the information given in a reading is accurate and the healing therapy application is as effective as possible.

How do I know if I need a Spirit Releasement?

A typical plea for help from clients' emails where a spirit releasement was indeed applicable:

Hello Carol,
I was just wondering if you would have some time today to give me another reading. Iím having a rather hard time with things and Iím experiencing things that are rather difficult to explain and cope with. Life seems completely without direction or purpose and some guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, N.H.,Wisconsin

I am wondering if I can set up an appointment with you for a possible spirit releasement. Not sure if I need it, but I am out of sorts and have an ongoing dull headache. I am not myself feeling for the last several days..a little edgy and in a fog and don't know what I want to eat or wear half the time. I am not usually this way! Can you help? C.D., Wisconsin


Spirit releasement can help to restore one's health...physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Energy levels soar, pain or discomfort is released, mental clarity and emotional balance often returns. A person feels themselves again with a renewed sense of self, purpose and individuality. Even former addictions become less 'charged.' In the case of chronic addiction, oftentimes the higher self of the individual limits the use of repeated spirit releasements as other lessons are needed before a true healing can occur.


 In the time it takes to reach out and touch someone, entity attachment can occur. These situations occur "under the radar" of ordinary awareness unless one is knowledgeable and trained to sense an attachment. A very sensitive individual can pick up a migraine, for example, after dealing with a customer at the retail counter who happened to have a "liquid (alcohol) lunch."  The customer walks away feeling like a million bucks and the store clerk suddenly has a pounding headache. Attachments can last for hours, days, weeks, or years!
Carol offers relief to those who may be in need of a clearing. Contact Carol to determine if a problem exists. When requested, Carol scans using her inner sight to determine if a problem exists. If so, she observes the type of attachments and where they exist in the body and clears them.

Carol prefers to work by appointment over the phone to scan and clear all persons and their pets within a home, or other location, also the land which is the legal property that the home sits upon. An appointment is made, arrangement for payment and exchange of information is completed and then the service is performed. Payment is made according to the total minutes. Complex cases may require longer than 1/2 hour, more than one session, or deeper shamanic healing. Carol also conducts this work independently and remotely from a distance for those not able to participate in a phone appointment that may need this service.

Fee Structure:

In simple cases, a minimum of 20 minutes/$27 to 1/2 hour $40 is needed to complete a full clearing, in most cases. Each session is timed. More involved, complex cases may require longer than 1/2 hour, more than one session, or deeper shamanic healing. The complexity level is determined during the appointment time and discussed if further time/ intervention is needed.

Carol offers an extensive class on learning to conduct spirit releasement utilizing the pendulum to detect the presence of entities. See Spiritual Classes for specific class information and details.

Understand that not all energy is benevolent...

In addition to traditional releasement methods, which clear negative thought forms, earthbound spirits, and dark entities, there seems to be a new level of drone interference wreaking havoc...according to Carol's inner sight observations and experience, she states:

 A recent upgrade in the technology of dark force tactics...requires a step up in the eradication technology of  Lightworkers. In a recent e-mail to a colleague Carol writes... "I have the awesome responsibility of making sure many Lightworkers remain free of entities and 'techno-shrapnel' inserted energetically by the dark forces into our etheric field and bodies. The dark forces are insidious in their tactics and technology. Their purpose is to undermine us. But they will fail!! My guides have informed me that my recent 'acceleration' has involved an initiation into the Order of Melchizadek. I am now capable of energetically identifying and removing (with the healing angels) crystal implants, debilitating shrapnel and/or filaments and do repair with white light bandages and seal in GOLD. This is referred to as performing an 'extraction’. Also, the one conducting this process is called a Knight of the Solar Cross Etheric Surgeon.  How gratifying!! This is so profound...and the depths of brain wave I'm achieving during healing work are awesome. A Shaman comes to me and is walking me through soul retrieval sessions for others even though I have always conducted the inner child healing work in other ways (and successfully, I might add.). (Sorry about writing a book here but you can imagine my excitement and please feel free to share whenever as well). Please know that you will have much help in the future and I'm here to support you energetically in achieving your mission. In Peace Love and Light!!” Carol

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