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All of the 'good'  that Carol offers in the way of practical and spiritual counsel and intuitive wisdom...cannot be attributed to her alone...for she is overlighted by many with greater wisdoms.

buddha faceCarol can be heard speaking this mantra and prayer for each person at the onset of their reading as she is moving into deeper levels of awareness and tuning in… "We call upon the Highest Spiritual Forces of the Light...Master Healer Jesus Christ…the Ascended Masters…the Holy Archangels…all of my Guides and Master Teachers…and all of the Guides and Master Teachers of…(name) to surround us in Divine White Light. This raises the vibration to bring only Truth and Healing into this reading for the highest good of (name)…and we give Thanks for all assistance given."

We honor this ‘higher vibration' whenever we open ourselves up to the astral plane and of course, the higher planes where quality psychic work is done. Please understand...not all energies are benevolent.

All Ascended Masters (Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, Mohammed, Kuan Yin,  Grey Eagle, and others), recognize the beauty, mastery, and equality of all persons spiritually on the planet.  Limited thinking regarding superiority of one religion, race, tribe, culture, and/or gender over another doesn't exist.


Carol believes the information conveyed during a spiritual reading strengthens the connection each individual has with their soul's "inner wisdom." A reading is intended to clarify, enlighten, and balance one's outlook on life. It includes the spiritual lessons and core issues one is working on at this time.
Carol is always blessed by everyone she meets and those who request a reading. She offers gratitude to the Unseen Guiding Light directing her path for greater learning…and is fulfilled that others may benefit.

Before Carol begins a reading she simply asks the areas you need information about, not details. She prefers you not share specific details or background information about yourself, your circumstances, or your loved ones/pets you wish to have information about or communication with. She may however, request the first name when reading 'a relationship' and full name in the case of deceased loved ones/pets, which road less traveledenhances the connection. Carol asks you to hold any questions you have until later in the reading, as the information you receive may clarify your concerns.

Carol is a 'trans' channel…one who is a conscious channel and reads in a deeper, altered state. Her readings are generated from a soul level and she reads "soul to soul". As a clairvoyant (one who receives visual information via images/symbols in the third eye) and clairsentient (one who has clear sensing of perceptions, feelings, and intuitions)reader, Carol closes her eyes to access impressions and the process of " tuning in" may take just a moment. Carol describes the information exactly as she receives it, knowing that at times, illogical images may surface, that later bear out significance to the client being read.  She offers information to help you understand your life and circumstances and empower yourself.

In many cases, an individual requests a reading because they are drawn to Carol, but with no specific agenda. This is also an excellent choice as she will channel information from your higher self to meet your innermost needs. In any case, the information provided by Carol is in the correct measure and detail to what your Guides want you to know at that time. Not all information can be in explicit detail at times, because this would interfere with 'free will' and take spiritual lessons away from the client. At the same time, information channeled can be quite specific. Carol never witholds information. She offers all that can be given to you by your Guides.


Carol is a trans channel, clairvoyant, clairsentient healing channel, medium and medical intuitive. She began as a proficient reader of Egyptian Cartouche symbols (Murray Hope) and channels this Egyptian signature into her personal readings. A professional reader for 20 years, she is known for getting to the Honey, Dog"heart of the matter" when asked about life's many challenges. Although based in Janesville, WI. Carol has national and international clientele, reaching as far as Punjab, India.

In addition to addressing the everyday questions such as finances, career, health, home and family, personal relationships/soulmate, life path, etc., Carol reads the physical body system (medical intuition), chakra energies, past lives, supportive Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, pet/ animal communication, and deceased loved ones/pets. She conducts spirit releasement when necessary. Carol clarifies the spiritual lesson behind problematic circumstances and offers Higher Self wisdom to help one navigate through their current situation. She guides each person toward "lighter" choices that offer more joy, unconditional love, wellness and spiritual growth as recommended by their Soul.


Carol's preferred method of payment is MC/Visa/Discover. when conducting a phone reading. The rate for a 1/2 hour reading is $48. One hour rate is $95. If at the end of an agreed upon session of 1/2 hour, the client desires to continue the reading, a set amount of time is agreed upon and the additional cost is prorated, approximately $1.60 per minute.

Clients are permitted to record their phone reading at home on speaker mode with a tape reorder or a cell phone set on 'record'. SKYPE on speaker mode can also free up a client's cell phone to record the session. Client takes full responsibility for the quality of the recording.

In-person readings conducted in my home office or elsewhere can be recorded via cell phone or audio tape. The client must request the session to be taped prior to the appointment date and is responsible for providing the audio tape.

Audio recording of a medical intuitive reading is not allowed; only general readings.



Carol is available to read for you and your guests or for a larger event under the following terms: Carol travels within one hour or less of her home. Her fee is a minimum of  $255 or the equivalent of short and long readings to total this amount. This covers her travel expense. For example, 5 people wanting a 30 minute reading and one wanting a 20 minute reading meets the necessary minimum. A short reading (20 minutes) is $30. A long reading (30 minutes) is $45. Each person is allowed an additional 5 minutes, if needed, at the end of their scheduled time at $1.00/minute. Carol may read for up to 5-6 hours total. The host or hostess receives a 30 minute free reading for organizing the event.

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