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Emotion Code Process

Releasing Trapped Emotions for Greater Health Using the Emotion Code Process

What is the Emotion Code Process?

The Emotion Code* is a system founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson, to identify and release, by use of a strong magnet, negatively charged emotions that over time, contribute to illness. Carol, a medical intuitive, uses her inner vision, to read the chakra system of each client which displays various colors and shapes. Distortions and excessively light or dark chakra colors can indicate unresolved emotional core issues from the past, that are interfering with one’s present health. Carol has learned from 19 years of holistic healing practice that one’s physical body is only as healthy as their emotional body on very deep levels. Carol has taken Dr Nelson's concept and developed a more intensive therapeutic model to create the Emotion Code Process.

Carol's therapeutic model includes successful techniques from her Transformational Hypnosis practice, such as, retrieval of lost soul aspects, Inner Child Healing /integration, and imprinting the client's subconscious mind with one's goals and ideal life circumstances. This transformational model, utilizing the client's higher mind, has successfully conducted deep emotional clearings for her clients, assisting each to raise the frequency of their body to hold a new level of healing and wellness. Empowerment!

How does this Process work?

The client does not need to be present to participate in the Emotion Code Process. It is conducted on the deeper, alpha-theta frequency/brain wave, linking into each client with spiritual healing energy. The spiritual plane is where all true healing occurs. Carol dowses to determine which negative emotions, from a core group of 60, are interfering with the client’s ability to heal. The client may be struggling with a chronic health condition, body pain, or may feel stuck and want to move forward in their life. Once identified, each emotion is released when a strong magnet is swept across the head and down the spine (called the governing vessel). This process can be done long distance using a surrogate model. It can also be done without a magnet for the person with a pacemaker.The number of sweeps needed to release any given emotion, is determined via dowsing, and it relates to the origin of the emotion; be it past life, family lineage, or current life generated. The negative emotions are generally released in 3 or more layers as per the higher self guidance of the client. The emotion code process generally runs 2 sessions because of the number of layers and depth of cellular emotions, the first session being the longest. There is a 7-14 day processing time before the 2nd session can occur(processing time is determined at the completion of the first session).

Much like a lynch pin, the magnet pulls out the lighter, less dense emotions first, and more intensely charged emotions such as anger or hatred, last. Each client is different and unique in their emotional history. As with any deep level healing work, there is a period of processing for several days afterward. The client, for example, may experience an undercurrent of emotion such as sadness, for a brief period, as related to the earlier session. One could also experience a particularly intense emotional dream as related to the emotions addressed in a therapeutic session.

Do I Need to be Present for this Process to Work?

No. This process is conducted over the phone for long distance clients and a surrogate model is used. It can also be conducted while the client rests or is sleeping without phone participation. The experience of spiritual healing is ‘virtual’; clients often feel energy shifts while experiencing this process and reports from clients afterward, corroborate its effectiveness.

How Do I Know if I need this?


The client who benefits from the Emotion Code therapy has typically felt ‘stuck’ despite self-help efforts to move forward with their life in a positive way. The client may be unable to release chronic physical symptoms that linger even after utilizing other alternative therapies. Carol targets improving the diet of her clients and adding needed supplements, recommending a medical intuitive reading. At this point Carol reads the chakra system to identify the imbalances which exist within the client’s emotional body.

Pulling the lynchpin on negative emotions raises the vibration of the body towards health. When a person continues to experience physical health challenges beyond the limits of the Western medicine/allopathic approach, or has experienced limited success with alternative holistic therapies, Carol recommends a medical intuition reading. Her goal is to increase the health and vibration of the physical body so that the client who experiences the emotion code process with Carol can hold the healing that it offers. Clearing of the emotional body further raises the frequency or threshold of the mind-body system as a whole to achieve greater levels of health and well-being.

We are truly, only as physically healthy as the emotions stored in our emotional body. Our Western Medical model suggests to be healthy we need to eat right and exercise. If that were entirely true, there would be no chronic illness! When we factor in the emotional baggage from our past emotional history combined with inefficient means of handling daily stress in our lives, it is no wonder chronic illness is so rampant in our society, especially apparent with the young adult to middle-age population.

When we consider that our subconscious mind, cells of the body, and emotional body hold a record of every emotion we have ever experienced in this lifetime or any other, it is clear to see how one could accumulate considerable baggage. We are truly only as healthy as our emotional body.

What are some of the effects experienced by the Emotion Code?

People Testimonials

"Hi Carol, on a scale of 1-10 I would rank my experience at an 8-9 range.* I have noticed a huge improvement and many people close to me have also noticed a big change. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It has worked well for me. While working with you I noticed a big change, now that the process is over I still notice a big change but I feel like I'm slipping back into my old ways/thought processes a little bit but not too much...I think {the}most helpful part was the health intuitive reading. That made the biggest/noticeable change. Since I've stopped eating wheat I've only been sick a handful of times and 4/5 was due to eating wheat. I was sick almost every day for 10 months."   — J C.K., Wisconsin *7-9;significant or noticeable positive improvement in my well-being; probably would recommend to others.)

"Hi Carol, I needed to give it some time before I could fully understand the effects of the emotion code process. I would give it a 10*. The changes are so subtle, yet they have made a profound difference for me. There is a sense of having been "unburdened" because I am no longer weighed down by heavy emotions that originated not as a result of my own life experience, but from the lives of long-passed relatives. Now it really feels like what I deal with emotionally belongs to just me. This is huge, but what's really been the most radical change for me is my level of satisfaction with my own life choices. I am no longer intimidated by those around me who have achieved more in terms of their education and careers; I now feel we are all on one level playing field, so to speak. I am grounded in a way I don't remember ever feeling, at least not as an adult. Who I am is enough now, and as a result social situations are more pleasurable for me. While I will probably never love big parties (my preference is small groups or one-on-one), at least now I feel I have something to contribute vs. being dogged by negative thoughts about having nothing worthwhile to offer. Accessing joy, peace, and satisfaction is much easier now. "   — Josie.K., Illinois

"Hi Carol, this is in response to the Emotional Code Process therapy we completed: Immediately after the first session, my spouse told me that I actually LOOKED lighter, less weighed down. The first time I spoke to my best friend, without her knowing that I had had the emotion processing, she asked me what was going on, that I sounded so upbeat, energetic. I myself find that I am more even tempered, taking things less personally and more philosophically, not reacting to things that typically would have aggrieved me. As a result, I am more pleasant, more able to appreciate others and to be more generous to others, both financially and emotionally. As a result, I am pretty happy and contented for a majority of the time. People at work tell me that I look good, and ask if I am doing something differently, though I think they mean my hair or my clothes, but I think it is my demeanor. Actually, I have already recommended the Emotion Code Process therapy to someone else. "  —D.P. Atlanta, Ga.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the emotion code process has been:7-9 significant or noticeable positive improvement in my well-being; probably would recommend to others.

"Thank you Carol for the powerful session yesterday.(Emotion Code Process) After our session, I felt a shift in my energy. Then I went to a networking event and a number of people were attracted to my energy and work. I felt that was a sign..........I have been going to these events for 2 years, but yesterday was different. My own energy felt so much better, and I had HOPE...thank you. I look forward to our next session.With Love, N.L."   — Colorado

" Carol, I would say I would rate the emotion code at a 7-9.*Thank you for all your help in so many areas of my life.*7-9 (significant or noticeable positive improvement in my well-being; probably would recommend to others)."   — D.G.,Wisconsin

"Hi Carol, Sorry to be so slow in responding (to the emotion code process survey), but am pleased to do so. I haven’t really experienced any strong emotional outpourings or swings; I just seem to be less volatile, less likely to be resentful or feel that something is being done TO me."   —
A.G., PA. On a scale of 1 to 10 the emotion code process has been:7-9 significant or noticeable positive improvement in my well-being; probably would recommend to others.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the emotion code process has been: *10 extreme improvement and has changed my life for the better; will recommend it to others

Case Histories:

There are numerous case histories testifying to the effectiveness of the Emotion Code Process. The Emotion Code Process helped my daughter Amanda eliminate the chronic pain in both heels of her feet and her left hip in 2010. Pain that prevented her from walking or standing for more than fifteen minutes at a time and restricted her particpation in gym class periodically for more than a year. Upon releasing the trapped negative emotions behind the pain, ie., guilt, shame, anger and humiliation, she regained her former activity levels and could stand on her feet without pain. Further dowsing indicated her former pain was traced to an event experienced one and one-half years earlier involving betrayal and meanness from a school mate she once considered her best friend. There is frequently a lag time that exists between the negative emotional experience and the surfacing of physical symptoms.

Another adult female client experienced the immediate release of migraine shortly after her first healing session was completed. She released the emotions of low self esteem, love unreceived, unworthy, and worthless, among others, which were related to a previous dysfunctional relationhship and an upsetting abusive break-up 2 years earlier.Once the toxic emotions were removed from her past and the mind-body cellular level became rebalanced, the migraines became a thing of the past.

Large Animal/Pet Case

The Emotion Code process can be wonderful for pets and other large animals. Animals have an energy system similar to ours. Our pets and all animals have an emotional nature and they also have an emotion code profile. They absorb our issues in addition to their own.When behavioral concerns or physical issues are occuring with our pets we may find 10 or less negative emotions or more than 10 to release. I also look at the health of the organs and various systems briefly to rule out additional issues.

Spiritual healing energy is linked to the pet while a strong magnet drawn along the head and spine of a surrogate model, releases dense negative emotions. Our pets absorb all of our stress and issues. Any condition that lingers and becomes chronic can benefit from the emotion code work.


Carol applied the Emotion Code process to a horse whose owner had run out of healing options. Her horse, Trixie**, had a chronic sore left shoulder, inflamed left elbow, and 7 thoracic vertebrae that were misaligned with significant core pressure. Chiropractic adjustments were made at various times. However, Trixie could not hold the healing which resulted in her not being rideable. The Emotion Code was conducted over 2 sessions with processing time of several days completed after each level. The energy flowing through the joints and vertebrae were measured via dowsing and found to be within normal limits and no heat was detected around the original problem areas. Additionally, an intuitive reading of the horse's needs by Carol, revealed helpful information for changes Trixie needed in the barn and pasture. A combined holistic approach helped Trixie release the emotional pressure she was experiencing but could not communicate, while relaxing her spinal vertebrae back into alignment. Two weeks later the same horse participated in a full day trail ride with her owner at a state park without the former concerns.

After extensive diagnosis by a veterinarian of severe rear hip dysplasia in one 8 year old pit bull, the emotion code was conducted. Supplements to improve circulation and joint immobility/repair were already in use. Within one week this dog had regained former levels of ambulation, similar to that of a much younger dog, and with less pain. Her activity changed from not being able to complete a walk around the block without sitting down to running in the living room doing burn-outs. The new problem which surfaced a bit later was this older dog tended to act younger physically chasing squirrels and leaping off the back porch which aggravated the hip condition!

Reviewing the Options:

It has been Carol’s experience, working professionally in the field of energy healing, hypnosis, and medical intuition, that wherever blocked energy or pain is found within the body, one or more negatively charged emotions are beneath it. Long standing negative emotions such as anger, blaming, guilt, etc., drop the frequency of the life force energy around the corresponding chakra and body part, creating inflammation and pain. Long standing emotional blocks mark the beginning of a chronic condition. Even in the midst of healthy diet and supplements, long standing dense emotions can interfere with the healing process. I have seen in my own life, a family member who survived heart surgery and managed a congestive heart condition for 18 years only to be diagnosed with bladder cancer shortly thereafter. When the emotional history of the patient is not addressed nor cleared, the chronic condition simply lingers with ill health or the body produces another illness condition within the body. The concept of healing the emotional body as a critical component to reversing chronic health conditions is yet to be fully recognized within our traditional health system.

Carol has worked with releasing problematic emotions underlying health conditions in both people and pets successfully. Dogs, cats and horses have responded favorably to the Emotion Code process. The emotion code process is experiential and unique and results can vary with each individual.

Fee Structure:

The Emotion Code Process /therapy on average, requires 2 sessions to complete in order to clear negative deep cellular imprints:

The first session is 90 minutes in length and the fee is $150. In the event the session extends beyond 90 minutes, it is prorated by $1.67/minute thereafter.

The second session, on average, can involve one hour ($100 ) or longer. Should it extend beyond one hour, the prorated amount of $1.67 per minute applies.

*The title of Dr. Bradley’s book, The Emotion Code, is a self-help aid to releasing one’s own negative emotions and represents the core principles behind Carol's approach.

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