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Inner Child Healing

Living the  Fulfilled Life… It’s All About “HEART”

No matter what age we are or how old we become, there is an aspect within every person, called the inner child. This ‘inner child’ requires validation, emotional support, and unconditional love from family and friends for one’s life to have meaning and thrive. Without this validation we merely survive. It ultimately comes down to being treated with kindness and respect, the respect to be unique and different in our own right, and yet be an accepted part of the family, the  larger community, and our world.


It is the joyful, innocent, yet vulnerable, inner child that the God force flows through. It is this emotional-Inner Childspiritual child aspect on a creative level that knows no bounds and where passion creates a positive force in the world. The healthy inner child seeks happiness, has an open heart, willing to trust and form deep meaningful relationships and takes risks to grow and evolve. The healthy inner child pushes the outside of the envelope and says to life’s dreams and opportunities, “let’s go for it!”

In a perfect world with perfect relationships there would be no need for psychotherapists or hypnotists. In fact, there would be no heart disease or cancer or catastrophic illnesses. Everyone would have a strong self-concept and the confidence to readily contribute their talents to the world. In a perfect world it would be easy.


When the inner child is wounded, the emotional heart can feel heavy, depressed, and fearful. Negative emotions can be triggered years after the situations/phase of life that created them. Inner child healing can deactivate the triggers associated with difficult situations, allowing the individual to move on without the ‘sting’ of the past. The wisdom from the past is retained.

Very often during a healing session with a female client, Carol’s inner vision will produce the picture of the client’s inner child; a young girl sitting on a stool in front of the blackboard in an empty classroom writing over and over, “I am a good girl,” …all the while looking out the window and seeing the other children playing and engaged in life. One’s potential in life is short-circuited when emotional blocks create fear from past painful encounters, crippling one’s ability to move forward, grow, and to challenge one’s self in new ways.

Reasons for not trusting life come in many forms; the tragic loss of a loved one, rejection, abandonment, or betrayal from one or more persons who were “supposed to love us” or treat us with respect and kindness within our immediate family; friends, mates, or co-workers. When this validation is sought from others outside the family unit, we unknowingly attract dysfunctional relationships to heal the primary dysfunctional one. Fortunately, over time, we recognize our own self worth, shore-up our personal boundaries, and release the unhealthy relationship.

Another good reason to experience inner child healing is to raise the vibration of the body. As a medical intuitive, Carol understands that disease in the body carries a low frequency. The physical body can develop medical conditions as a result of the lower vibration of dense emotions. Carol refers to a lifetime of emotional baggage as 5 Lbs. of garbage in a 2 Lb. bag. The overfilled bag ultimately splits and this sets the stage for chronic illness to anchor into the body. Inner child healing is one step to raising your vibration toward greater health and well-being. It allows more energy to flow through the chakras revitalizing the physical system while clearing and balancing the emotional body as well.


There are two powerful methods Carol utilizes to heal the wounded inner child; Deep Trance Healing /Journeying and Transformational Hypnosis.

In circumstances where travel to Janesville, Wisconsin is not an option, Carol conducts Deep Trance Healing/Journeying for clients, somewhat similar to shamanic journeying. Transformational Hypnosis is conducted in her home office. As with both methods, Carol works with the Higher Self wisdom of the client, Ascended Masters, and incorporates a combination of inner child healing techniques, not limited to; voice dialogue, affect-bridge technique, chakra reading and clearing, past life clearing, soul retrieval; healing and integration of lost soul fragments, and blueprinting the subconscious for future fulfillment as guided by the client’s Higher Mind. The cost of this service is the same as for Transformational Hypnosis.


Ultimately, to clear the dysfunctional pattern from future relationships, one’s inner child needs to integrate with the protective adult self in an unconditionally loving bond. Trust is a quality of the heart. Inner child healing is the key that opens the heart to trust and love again.

Can this transformational process really clean up a resume of failed relationships? Doesn’t the school of hard knocks teach us to love ourselves unconditionally when no one else can? Isn’t the experience of a difficult past relationship enough to keep one from repeating another?

In truth, having survived a difficult relationship doesn’t guarantee one knows how to execute healthy boundaries in a future one. The search for the ‘quintessential soul mate,’ requires that we have done the inner work to establish protective boundaries and that we radiate self-respect, setting the groundwork for attracting a higher octave of love in all relationships. When it is understood that we can only be as happy as the ‘charged’ emotions stored in our past, then the processing of them may indeed be beneficial. In essence, it is never too late to have a better life.

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