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Health Scan and Recommendations: *(Name changed to protect confidentiality)

Visual scanning of Margaret's* body systems and body electronics/dowsing, revealed the following patterns:

Margaret required a spirit releasement to clear her energy field of entity attachments prior to starting the health assessment. This assured her health scan to include only her energy system and no other. (link) discusses the need for spirit releasement.

Misalignment and core pressure of the following spinal vertebrae : cervical vertebrae 4,5,6,7 and thoracic vertebrae 1,2,3,4,5. Recommend gentle precise chiropractic..explore Gonstead chiropractic or Network chiropractic if available. Vertebral misalignment creates nerve impingements/pressure limiting life force energy flow to corresponding structures in the body.

Mild Energetic depletion of the parathyroid glands: iodine deficiency present. Margaret dowsed well for iodine in kelp form in Albion Chelated Multi-mineral glycinate supplement.

Mild Energetic deficiency of the Thymus gland/immune system and spleen : multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies and insufficent protein to support Margaret's system within normal limits. White blood cell count in the mild depletion range as per dowsing. See missing minerals and vitamin section.

Energetic deficiency of the adrenal glands: mild to moderate adrenal exhaustion; Margaret's body dowsed well for Green Energy Blend capsules,Vitamin B Complex timed-release formula; to provide deep cellular nutrition and increase energy levels in the body helping to support all systems.

Energetic deficiency of the liver: presents as non-alcoholic fatty liver. Avoid excess fats and oil, peanuts, peanut butter, etc. that burden the liver. Cleansing herb dandelion root and alternate with burdock root herb.

Stagnant, congested lymph system; poor lymphatic drainage is a a contributing factor to inflammation and cellular changes in the body. Eliminate all sources of wheat and barley gluten and yeast in foods; causes inflammation in the GI tract and body tissues.

Cleansing herbs needed to jump start the lymph and cleanse the blood and organs: Dandelion Root herb capsules taken for one week and alternate to Burdock root herb capsules the next week..ongoing schedule with periodic rest. See Supplement section for details.

PH of the Blood is in the acidic range approx 7.33 PH : normal healthy blood is mild alkaline PH 7.365 to 7.4. Consistent mild alkaline blood is needed to release chronic conditions and to help the body heal itself naturally. Green Energy Blend capsules, fresh lemon in spring water, drinking green tea, herb teas all promote alkaline blood.

Margaret's body dowsed well for drinking 50 ounces of pure spring water(filled with life force and trace minerals) daily with fresh squeezed lemon. Lemon increases alkalinity of the blood and helps to flush and cleanse system releasing toxins.

Multiple mineral and vitamin deficiencies:

Deficiencies in 15 minerals:calcium, chromium, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, niobium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfur, zinc. Mineral supplements effective for Margaret: Albion chelated Multi-mineral glycinate, calcium citrate plus magnesium.

Deficiencies in the following vitamins: A, B complex, C, D, , K, Co Q10 (production reduces with age). Margaret dowsed well for Ubiquinol; the more absorbable form of COQ10. Vit C with Rose hips, K2 vitamin, B compex supplement, and the rest is supplied in the diet.

Insufficient stomach digestive enzymes to break down protein in foods was noted during Margaret's health reading of 9/25/12. HCl with pepsin was advised at that time and her stomach digestive enzyme activity appears within normal limits presently with the support of this supplement. GREAT!! Insufficient amino acids in Margaret's system was noted on 9/25/12, which has since been remedied with whey protein powder. Margaret needs 2 heaping scoops of whey protein powder daily to meet minimum levels for rebuilding health in her body.

Pancreas presents as hypoglycemic tendency: low blood sugar tendency unless meals eaten every 3-3 1/2 hours. Increase protein in snacks; hard boiled eggs, nuts, gluten-free trail mix, etc.

Energetic deficiency of the lower GI tract: small intestines, ileocecal valve, ascending/transverse/and descending colons; sluggish and congested with undigestible wheat gluten. Continue to clear with lemon water and avoid all wheat and barley and yeasts.

Mild energetic deficiency of the Left ureter and bladder: lemon water to cleanse and strengthen just monitor for possible bladder infection.

Energetic deficiency the gums: gums can be an indicator of system deficiencies, heart health, and general health. Increase health of the gums and cellular energy with Ubiquinol as detailed in the supplement section.

Energetic deficiency of the skeletal system: Energetic deficiency of the bone/mild bone loss- Osteopenia. Supplement with dairy and calcium citrate with magnesium. Take with K2 vitamin to help redirect calcium back into the bone where it belongs(from joints and arteries). Recommend a bone density screening with physician to determine rate of bone loss for chronological age.

Inner Vision Scanning of Margaret's Observations :

Small red dot present in the throat area; irritation and anger over current issue unresolved.

White patchy area on the left side of the throat/mucosa/lymph nodal area; may be related to chlamydia(as per dowsing as opposed to candida)

White marks/scarring present in the right lung from former bronchitis in the earlier life(long term infection before treatment, since healed)

White markings in the left shoulder joint and collar bone from earlier impact injury since healed.

Redness/inflammation at right hip(worse) than left hip. Arthritis/joint inflammation. Return blood PH to mild alkaline.

Redness/inflammation at the left knee(worse) than right knee. Arthritis/joint inflammation.

Redness/ inflammation at the left elbow and left wrist (now or yet to come in).

Redness/inflammation at the inside/above instep of the right ankle(now or in the future).

Food Allergies/ Other Sensitivities:

The following categories were tested against Margaret's body via energetic dowsing:

Heavy Metals in the blood and tissues to a level considered unhealthy/toxic: aluminum,arsenic, gold. Metal shield supplement to eliminate these metals over 90 days.

Wheat gluten and barley gluten sensitivity/intolerance:

Avoid wheat flour and barley products; wheat gluten and barley gluten intolerance; the lectin proteins in the wheat and/or barley do not digest well and creates inflammation in Margaret's body. Ongoing inflammation creates congestion and chronic issues within the body. Long term inflammation can create cellular changes such as precancer in the body.

Continue to explore healthy/neutral alternative grains listed below and wheat gluten/barley gluten-free products.

Yeast overgrowth/candida condition in the body; eliminate sources of yeast in foods eaten such as bread, bakery,cereals, and certain alcoholic beverages, if taken. Eliminate mushrooms in the diet and follow food allowances below. Decrease foods with sugar; sugar feeds yeast in the system. Stevia is ok.

Foods to avoid/ food allowances re grain, nuts/seeds/beans, oils, fruits, vegetables, beverages, protein.

Customized List of Supplements:

Chakra Reading:

Vibrational Medicine/Recommended Stones:

Emotional Healing Options to support the health of the physical body:

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