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Medical IntuitionTestimonials:

"My husband and I are most grateful to Carol. She has helped my family by doing intuitive medical readings for each of us, and she has identified crucial physical problems that we were able to catch in time. For my husband, this helped his immune system and the prevention of glaucoma. For me, it has meant getting rid of a wheat allergy I did not know was hurting my system and the prevention of breast cancer. After completing each intuitive medical reading, Carol designed a health program for each of us using all natural products that keep moving us toward healing. The thing is—you have to take them—and we do! We are feeling really well compared to how we used to feel. In our opinion, everyone should have an intuitive health scan completed by Carol once a year. You can’t afford not to! Carol can also clear any negative energies from your home. She does it in a snap and it works. She also does soul retrieval and helps you understand your chakras. One thing for sure, it is comforting to know Carol is there for our family each and every time we call. Thank God for Carol! "   —J.R., former High School Principal, California.

"I had sessions with Carol two months ago, 6/20/11. The emotional block I had is resolved, my energy is now returning and the supplements Carol suggested are exactly the right ones. In fact the supplements are so supportive that my Naturopathic Doctor was amazed and re-prescribed everything Carol suggested. "   —Bernadette T., Ontario Canada

"Dear Carol, I would like to thank you very much for the Health Scan that you did on me in May.. I knew I was having a thyroid problem as well as a node on the back of the left side of the Thyroid before your scan..But I did not know whether or not it was benign or malignant.. and wanted some sort of information from one that has better abilities than my primary (Conventional ) Dr. because she has been pushing surgery from day one. When you performed your scan on me, you went to the thyroid shortly after starting and found the thyroid to be out of sync as well as finding the node..At that time you said it was not malignant.. You also recommended several supplements for me to take which I am and they are really helping, I have improved so much since May.went to have the biopsy of the node done in the later part of June as recommended by my Dr. and it was found to have no malignant cells.. You are so very good in your profession, I will highly recommend you to people that are in need like I was.. Thank You so very much, "   —Theresa. Janesville, Wisconsin

"I first consulted with Carol in June 2011 for a medical intuitive reading. At that time I had been looking for hope and insight after suffering repeated miscarriages followed by months of infertility. As Carol did her body scan on me she immediately brought to light three things that I could confirm I already knew were “issues” I have: she noted that my left eardrum had a structural anomaly (true); that my right fallopian tube had a very mild blockage (I had previously had a test showing this); and that I was having digestive issues due to a leaky gut as a result of a gluten allergy.

Carol then put me on a nutritional regiment including taking me off gluten of all types while supplementing w/ various vitamins and taking digestive enzymes. She assured me that a baby GIRL was indeed coming and the fall came up as important. Last fall came and went and when I spoke with Carol again she stated that I would be pregnant by the end of February 2012 and this pregnancy would “stick”. I found out the first week of March that I was pregnant again and would have conceived in February! I was due in the fall(November). When I had my 20 week ultrasound, the baby was in fact a girl, and she was perfect! Carol continues to provide support and guidance via supplements to balance my nutritional needs during pregnancy. For example, I had been feeling extremely exhausted for a couple of weeks and Carol said my iron was low – not low enough to cause an alarm, but enough to affect my fatigue level. Shortly thereafter I had blood work done and it showed mildly below normal hemoglobin levels. My doctor said they were fine, but I still have taken Carol’s advice and have been supplementing with iron which has helped. She is extremely responsive to her client’s needs and finds time to speak with you when you’re in a pinch .My daughter was born November of 2012, strong, healthy and beautiful., I have been amazed at her accuracy and know she has my best interest at heart. She’s been right so many times that my husband just says…”If Carol said then I’m sure she’s right! "   — S.R. Madison, Wisconsin

"Thank you Carol, your work has been so profound in my life. You have been such a significant healing facilitator and teacher for me. With your knowledge and skills you have helped me and my body come back into balance. I wish to share with others that I am 62 years young and my body was exhibiting a number of uncomfortable symptoms. My desire is to be healthy and age vibrantly. With Carol’s medical intuitive skills and knowledge, she created an individual program that was designed to heal, strengthen and bring my body back into balance. Carol used her intuitive inner vision to scan the health of my various organ systems and combined her master dowsing skills to identify specific nutritional deficiencies. She further identified healthful supplements with their dosages, specifically appropriate to my body. Carol determined which foods were sensitive/intolerant to my body and which were favorable to support my body's health.

My deep seated emotions were another piece of why I was out of balance. Carol believes that we are only as healthy as our emotional body which is at the core of our wellness. As a master energy therapist and emotional release practitioner, Carol guided me through the Emotional Code Process healing techniques and they were very powerful for me. I cleared negative past emotions that were stuck in my body at deep cellular levels affecting my health. I felt different immediately after the session.Thank you Carol Swanson ! I am once again pain and symptom free. I will direct others to you who really have a desire to heal and balance their core issues. "   —Nansea Lee, Co.

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